Food Services


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Policies and Procedures

Method of Payment

There are three (3) methods to add funds to your student's lunch account:

  • Online through
  • Personal Check (made payable to "MISD Child Nutrition" include child's name on bottom of check)
  • Cash

We recommend that payments be made in advance to eliminate your child from having to bring money to school daily.

Payment for a child's meals is the responsibility of the parent. We take every step possible to try to make it easy for parents to stay informed about their child's account balance and to make payments. Parents may prepay for their child's meals with a check or cash at ANY campus. Students may prepay for their meals before school, or they may pay for their meal at the time of service. We accept cash or check payments at any of the school cafeterias.


Free and Reduced Meals

If you have applied for free or reduced-priced meals and have a pending application, you must pay for all school meals until you receive an Approval Letter. 


Because of the time it takes to process applications, students who were free or reduced in the previous year remain at their previous year’s status for the first thirty days of the new school year or until a new application is received and processed. Once a new application is processed the new status takes over, so if a child was free last year, and an application is processed in the second week of school that qualifies the student for reduced meals, the student’s status will be changed to reduced status on the date that the application is processed and not at the end of the thirty day period.


Students who do not turn in an application that can be processed within this thirty-day window will roll over to paid status and will be responsible for paying for all meals consumed. For this reason, it is very important for parents who feel that they may qualify for free lunches to complete and return an application promptly at the beginning of each school year. Students who do not qualify for free meals may instead qualify for reduced-priced meals.


Meal Charges

Moody  ISD knows that sometimes children forget their lunch money or do not remember to let parents know they need money on their accounts. Sometimes life is so busy for parents that they just simply forget to check their child’s account balance. We now have a plan to ensure that your child will receive a hot, regular, complete meal when your child’s account is low or negative.


Local Meal Charge Policy

Students enrolled at Moody ISD will be allowed to charge up to ten complete meals only, but will not be allowed to buy or charge a la carte items. A complete meal consists of at least 3 of the 5 components offered, one of which must be a fruit or vegetable. Many times our entrees are 2 components (meat and grain).


If at any time your household is experiencing an economic need, either long term or temporary, please call the Child Nutrition Department for a confidential inquiry. We may be able to help.


Remember for your convenience you can always pay online through, at all campus cafeterias & main offices during school days.


If you have any questions, contact Sherri Vann at (254) 853-21721 x4050.


Special Dietary Needs

Students with any special dietary needs must have a medical authority’s statement on file with the food service department. The medical authority must identify the condition, how it affects a major life activity, what food items are to be omitted and what foods are to be substituted. 




Student’s accounts are for their use only.  Monies applied to the accounts are available for purchases at all points of sale.  Once money is applied to an account, it cannot be refunded unless a student withdraws from school or graduates.  
We do not cash checks for any reason.


Payment Options

Parents may prepay for their child's meals with a check or cash at each cafeteria.   Students may prepay for their meals before school, or they may pay for their meal at the time of service.



For any student who is withdrawn or graduating, a written request for a refund of any money remaining in their account must be submitted to the Child Nutrition office in order for a refund to be issued. The letter must be from the child’s parent/guardian. There is also a request for lunch money form at the bottom of this page. 


Returned Checks

 In the event that a check written to any Moody ISD campus, club, or organization is returned unpaid by the bank, a representative from the office will contact the check writer.  Additionally, a $25 fee will be added to the amount previously owed. 


Unclaimed Funds

All refunds must be requested within one year. Unclaimed funds will then become the property of the Moody ISD Child Nutrition Department.