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  • (Purpose) To support instructional staff and campus administrators
  • (How) using a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to the implementation of a comprehensive curriculum, assessment of student mastery of state standards, data disaggregation and interpretation, instructional design and planning, monitoring and adjustment of instruction
  • (Outcome) to help all stakeholders meet the individual needs of all students as evidenced by the continuous improvement of each child.



  1. We believe that ALL children can learn; it is the rate of learning that varies.
  2. We believe that all teachers can teach to mastery learning if the curriculum is aligned to state standards, high yield instructional strategies are used, and the appropriate instructional supports are provided when they are needed.
  3. We believe that continuous professional learning is crucial to student success.
  4. We believe that principals are the instructional leaders of their campus.
  5. We believe that the primary purpose of district-level administrators and support staff is to remove barriers and obstacles to instructional leadership, teaching and learning.
  6. We believe that all parents want better lives for their children.  School staff must initiate and nurture a partnership with all parents.
  7. We believe that all members of the community are stakeholders in the success of each student as student success is a direct reflection on the image of the community.
  8. We believe that a positive school culture is paramount to student success.  The organizational health and culture of the school must be conducive to productivity and creativity.
  9. We believe that teaching is both an art and a science.  Teaching is a creative act that determines the conditions under which each student learns most effectively.  It is a science in that educational research must be valued, monitored, analyzed and applied to teaching and learning.
  10. We believe that teaching is also an exercise in caring for others.  Teachers must connect with their students on an emotional level for learning to occur.

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