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High School & College Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?
* Earn high school and college credits at the
same time.
* Credits apply to an MCC certificate or degree
program and easily transfer into bachelor’s
degree programs on the MCC campus or to
other four-year colleges.
* Reduced or free tuition for McLennan County
students can save you thousands.
Who can enroll in Dual Credit courses?
* Dual Credit courses may be taken starting in the
fall of a student’s 9th-grade year.
What type of courses are offered
through Dual Credit?
* Students may choose from basic courses
that will transfer to a Texas public college
or university bachelor’s degree program, or
workforce courses that lead to a certificate or
two-year degree program. 
Moody ISD partners with McLennan Community College to provide dual credit services for students.  Please contact the Moody High School office for additional information at 254-853-3622.