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Announces 2019-20 Recipients of Educator Awards and Scholarships

by Andrew Roush | 

TCEA Announc

es 2019-20 Recipients of Educator Awards and Scholarships

Austin, Texas: At a 

reception during the 2020 Convention & Exposition in Austin, TCEA announced the winners of the 2019-2020 Educator Awards and Scholarships. These innovative educators were chosen based on their incredible accomplishments in advancing teaching and learning through technology. They fully embrace learning without limits. 



Moody ISD


Teaching and Learning: Enhance meaningful teaching and learning experiences for students and staff through the use of technology resources ensuring academic success and providing our students with 21st Century skills.
Professional Development: Support sustained, purposeful educator preparation and development in the integration of technology

Leadership and Administration: Build a foundation of leadership and services that support faculty and staff through technology tools and integration.
Infrastructure: Ensure an innovative, stable, secure and robust infrastructure for teaching and learning as an integral part of the learning environment.
Partnerships and Communication: Develop and encourage partnerships with district stakeholders to include clear and timely communications and forward-thinking planning for technology.