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Early Childhood Family Engagement

Parent Guides: What does my child learn in Early Childhood Education?

Strong family engagement in early childhood programs is central to promoting children’s healthy intellectual, physical, and social-emotional development; preparing children for school; and supporting academic achievement in elementary school and beyond.


One way to promote strong family engagement is to equip families with tools to enhance and extend their child’s learning. These Parent Guides have been created to help families understand some of the things their child will learn each school year. These resource documents have been developed by the Texas Education Agency for Prekindergarten 3, Prekindergarten 4 and Kindergarten.

Moody High Quality PreK Family Engagement Plan

Resources for Parents of Early Childhood Students, PK3 - Kinder:

Young children thrive when provided a learning environment that inspires curiosity, builds confidence, and fosters a love of learning. 

Children are "ready" for school when families, schools, and communities work together to ensure they enter school with strong foundational knowledge and skills across 5 primary domains of development. Although separate, these domains are interconnected and development in one area reinforces development in the other. 


The primary domains of development are:

  • Physical – Gross and Fine Motor
  • Literacy – Reading and Writing
  • Mathematical – Concepts and Thinking
  • Language and Communication
  • Health and Wellness