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We are pleased to announce Moody ISD, in conjunction with the Education Service Center Region 12 (ESC 12), has been awarded the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) ACE Cycle 10 Grant. We will serve students PK through 6th Grade for the 2018-2022 school years. Cycle 10 is the first 21st CCLC grant under the Federal Government’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This grant is designed to serve students who are most in need of academic support, adult advocacy, and enrichment opportunities.
We like to think of our after school program as a place where children and adults feel at home… a place where they are accepted and loved…a place where laughter and play are cherished…a place where each family’s needs are recognized and addressed.
The Texas ACE Program is a federally-funded afterschool program administered by the Texas Education Agency. The purpose of the program is to provide free and expanded academic services to students in high poverty, low performing areas. Expanded services will include tutoring, homework help, enrichment activities, job readiness, and college preparation. In addition, family education (GED) and family engagement activities will be provided within our program at no charge to families.
We hold special pride in our professional staff. Selected for their abilities to help children reach their greatest potential, they are the strength of our program.
It is our role to encourage and facilitate the learning of children, parents, and one another. We are pleased to embrace this responsibility.




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Rose Davis
ACE Site Coordinator
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Happy Holidays!  ACE will return when school gets back on January 9th!