Girl's Athletics

Lady Bearcat Athletes and Parents,
Early this Spring, our coaches, teachers, and administrators began planning for the 2024-2025 school year.  As the master schedules were developed for each campus, the decision was made to move High School Girl's Athletics to 1st period and schedule morning practices before school.  This decision prioritized the academic success of all Moody ISD students, while providing meaningful benefits to our athletic program.  We understand that this change presents new challenges for our students and parents.  We appreciate the thoughtful feedback we have received from parents as we continue to plan and revise our schedules.
In response to concerns from parents, we will be adjusting our proposed practice schedules for Lady Bearcat Athletes for the upcoming school year.  We understand that the change to 1st period Athletics for our High School Girl's program will require some adjustments from our athletes.  In order to address some concerns during this transition and maintain a level of consistency from past years, we will continue to run Girl's Athletic practices after school.  However, head coaches, under the direction of the Girl's Coordinator and Athletic Director, may choose to run morning practices when they determine it is in the best interest of our student athletes or necessary to allow equitable access to district facilities.  Change is always difficult, but we are excited about the benefits of our master schedule adjustments for 2024-2025, which focus on academic excellence while supporting continued improvement of our district athletic program.  
I want to thank our parents for sharing their concerns regarding Girl's Athletics.  We encourage all parents to take an active role in their child's education.  The partnership between coaches, teachers, administrators and parents is critical in creating a school environment in which our students can thrive.  Any time there is a concern, we ask that you work directly with our campus and department leaders to work towards a solution.  We love our students and always strive to act in their best interest!  We appreciate your continued support of Moody ISD and our Athletic Programs and look forward to an incredible 2024-2025 school year!  Go Bearcats!
Andrew Miller
Moody ISD Superintendent