Year End FFA Success

FFA has had a busy summer and fall semester! All students from elementary to high school have done an outstanding job and we wanted to highlight some of their accomplishments as we wrap up the Fall 2022 Season.
*Chili Bingo Night Fundraiser on January 14th- meal @ 6:00 p.m. and bingo starts @ 7:00 p.m. in the Elementary cafeteria
*Moody Ag Booster Show Feb 24th- Rabbits/Chickens @ 5:30 p.m./Large animals @ 6:00 p.m.
*Feb 25th FFA BBQ Fundraiser @ 11:00-1:00 p.m. in the Elementary cafeteria/ Sale- starts @ 1:30 p.m. 
State Fair of  Texas-
Raeyle Hoelscher- 3rd place Market Lamb and 5th place Market Goat and both made the sale!
Heston Hoeslscher- 8th place Market Goat and made the sale!
Zoey Martin- 4th place male breeding sheep, 3rd place female breeding sheep
Summer Munz- Breed Champion Breeding Sheep 
Market Swine Exhibitors- Cooper Flynn, Addie Alton, Cali Lynch, Cade Lynch
Swine Skill a thon- Cali Lynch, Cooper Flynn, Emma Houghton
Sheep Skill a thon- Zoey Martin
Heart O' Texas-
Calf Scrambles:
Chase Swanson-4th place in the Finals night and takes home $1500 for a pig
Caught a calf and earned a certificate- Cade Lynch and Emma Houghton
Earned a harship certiifcate- Paisley Smith, Zoey Martin, Skylar Meyer, Cali Lynch
Livestock Shows:
Cooper Flynn- 3rd place overall Junior Pig Exhibitor
Swine Exhibitors- Dalton Cox, Walker Houghton, Wynne Houghton, Cade Lynch, Cooper Flynn
Leadership Development Events: 
2nd Freshman Quiz Team @ Mansfield- 
          7th place individual Blaine Allen, 
          5th place individual Barrett Goodson, 
          3rd place individual Paisley Smith
4th place Senior Quiz Team @ Mansfield
District Contest-
           7th place Job Interview- Elena Alexander
           8th place Jr Quiz- Paisley Smith, Barrett Goodson, Emma Houghton, Blaine Allen
           11th place Senior Quiz- Jaylynn Smith, Cade Lynch, Dalton Cox
Rabbit Exhibitors @ Meridian Show
            Ava Houghton- Reserve Breed Champion Satin Rabbit
            Barrett Goodson- Breed Champion Lionhead Rabbit and Reserve Breed Lionhead
            Blaine Allen- Breed Champion Dutch Rabbit
Heifer @ Lorena Show-
             Brooke Allen- Champion Peewee Showman and won her first buckle
             Blaine Allen- Division Champion