Teacher of the Year & Support Staff Member of the Year

Moody Bearcat Family,
At last night's Moody ISD School Board meeting, we had the privilege of honoring our campus selections for Teacher of the Year (TOY) and Support Staff of the Year (SSOY).  Please join me in recognizing the outstanding contributions of the following employees:
Moody Elementary SSOY Cheryl Lafitte - Cheryl is a tremendous asset to the elementary campus.  She relentlessly supports her fellow employees by making sure they have what they need each day.  She is on the front lines of communication with parents and members of the community.  She also makes sure each student gets home safely every afternoon.  
Moody Elementary TOY Amy Washburn - Ms. Washburn is a wonderful teacher that focuses on meeting the needs of her students.  She is organized, creative, smart, and relational. She is a great teammate that will do what it takes to ensure that her team and students are successful.  She is willing to not only teach her subject (writing), but will help support the Math and Reading programs as well. She lends a listening ear when a colleague needs to discuss a problem or has a question.
Moody Middle School SSOY Darcia Marshall - Darcia works closely with some of the most challenging students in the district. She is firm, but supportive and nurturing. She consistently goes above and beyond to address the social and emotional needs of students, forming important relationships that guide students to success. Her efforts help to support instruction across the entire campus. Her work is greatly valued and appreciated.
Moody Middle School TOY Mary Hicks - Mrs. Hicks prioritizes the needs of Moody ISD and our students above her own. We appreciate her willingness to transition to the middle school campus with such a positive attitude. She consistently engages her students in higher order thinking. Her energy and passion for teaching are evident through her interactions with coworkers and students. She proactively looks for opportunities to improve the district and her teaching practice. Mrs. Hicks is a great example of a teacher who applies the district mission and vision statements to her everyday work.
Moody High School SSOY Chris DeLong - Chris has been invaluable to the high school, filling in as needed to support custodial and operations staff. He takes care of work orders across the district, making time to check in on employees and meet their needs throughout his busy day. He goes above and beyond each day and is both reliable and dependable. His hard work is greatly appreciated!
Moody High School TOY John Baltzell - Mr. Baltzell invests his time and energy in his students. As the special education teacher, he provides direct instruction to students, as well as support to students across the entire campus. He is detailed and meticulous and works to find ways for students to achieve success. He is full of energy and maintains a positive attitude throughout each day. You can truly see how much he cares about the students of Moody High School.
Each of these employees contributes tremendously within the district and serves as an ambassador for Moody ISD. Their outstanding efforts and daily commitment make a difference for our students. Please find the time to join me in honoring their hard work!
And now, I am proud to announce:
The 2021-2022 Moody ISD District SSOY is...Mr. Chris DeLong!!! Congratulations, Chris! We appreciate you!
The 2021-2022 Moody ISD District TOY is...Mary Hicks!!! Congratulations, Mary! You deserve it!
Thank you, Moody Bearcat Family! We love each and every one of you! Thank you for choosing Moody ISD!