How do I apply for benefits?

How do I get an application?
Applications are sent home on the first day of school. They are also available at the school office, the cafeteria, or the Child Nutrition office in the Administration building.  New students are given an application upon registration. 
Do I need to fill out an application every year?
Yes, you need to fill out a new application every year.
Do I need to fill out an application for every child?
No, please fill out only one application per household. Remember to include all children under the household members section.
How long does it take to process an application?
Upon receipt of a completed application to the Child Nutrition Department, we have ten business days to complete the processing procedure.
Will parents need to pay for a child's lunch until the application is processed?
Yes. If meals are charged before the day a child's application is approved, parents must still pay for all meals charged before application approval date.
What does the school district do to protect the personal information about a child, including their meal benefits?
All information is kept confidential in the Child Nutrition office and is only given to authorized school district officials. All students have meal accounts with an ID number or ID card that must be entered or scanned for every transaction whether paid, reduced or free status. Student eligibility is kept confidential.
Should I reapply if my income changes?
If you are currently not eligible for free meals, you may submit a new application at anytime. Reasons you may want to apply or reapply: if there is a decrease in household income, an increase in household size, become unemployed, receive food stamps or TANF (must include eligibility group number on application), become homeless, have foster children that are placed by the court or a ward of the state, etc.
Should I include proof of income?
Eligibility may be checked at any time during the school year. School officials may require you to send pay stubs as proof of income for your children to continue to receive free or reduced-price meals. If you receive a letter from the Child Nutrition Department requesting proof of income, please send the information in as soon as possible.
Why filling out the free and reduced lunch form is so important. Click on the link and watch the short video...