Meet Nurse Moody
No Germ Zone.pngMy name is Sherri Moody. All of my friends at Moody ISD call me Nurse Moody. I have lived in Moody since 2010 and have one daughter who attends Moody Elementary. I love living in Moody and the fellowship and comradery of the citizens of Moody. I would like to see our students grow up to be healthy and happy productive members of our society. Through SHAC, Team Nutrition, and Physical Education, we can all work together to keep our kids safe, healthy, and happy. Thank you for being a part of this!!

As our kids are walking home or riding the bus, please stay alert and watch for these kids now that they are coming and going to school. Please be mindful of all school zones. 

Please make sure and fill out medication and allergy forms and turn them into either Nurse Finch at the elementary or myself at the high school. The sooner we know how to take care of your child while he or she is in school, the better we can accommodate their needs. Thank you!! 
Please get your Flu Shot!!
WELCOME BACK MOODY BEARCATS!!           Child With Asthma.png